Grilled Cheesy Peppers

FaceBook Name: Thor Baker

Creator of the Recipe: Thor Baker

Recipe Name: Grill Cheesy Peppers

Estimated Prep Time: 40

Ingredient List and Amount used:

2-3 large squared shape green peppers
2-3 minced Jalapenos
2 cups of mexican cheese shreds
1/2 pound of cooked and crumbled bacon
1/2 cup of mayo
8 oz of cream cheese

Recipe instructions: Soften the cream cheese and blend well with the mayo, add in the jalapenos, bacon bits and then finally the mexican cheese shreds. Should be almost like a cheese ball. Slice the peppers length wise directly through the stem, be sure to pick peppers that will sit flat on both sides. Remove the seeds and white pulp being careful to not cut into the bottom. Pack the cheese mix into the bottom and place on the grill until the cheese has all melted and the peppers are slightly soft, no need to over cook these as you want them to have a little texture, the choice is yours.

General Comments : I have done this with Poblano peppers as well. The trick with them is to pick a flat side down then cut a triangle out of the top just big enough to reach in and remove the seeds. Pack the cheese into the opening then cover it with the removed triangle.

What ever you use make a lot of them they go fast.