Your Goals are Our Goal

Diabetes is a personal goal oriented disease.  You first have to determine what your goals are.  Then you have to decide what you are willing to do or not do to obtain those goals.  We will help you determine your goals and how to obtain those goals. We will provide you with information that is current and up to date.  

Some goals to think about:  what medications do I want to take if any, lifestyle changes, some medications and or insulin.  How high should my glucose be at 1 hour after I have eaten a meal, at 2 hours after eating a meal?  What am I going to do or not do to get these numbers in line with a normal person’s results.  Having normal glucose values is all any of us Diabetics want. 

We will take you through the process of determining your goals, testing your Blood Glucose to see if you’re achieving your goals and things that you can do to meet your goals.  Taking medication is not always the best alternative.  We will provide you the information you will need to manage your Blood Glucose on a daily basis.  You will eventually get to the point it becomes second nature, a lifestyle habit in keeping your Blood Glucose in the normal range.

What is normal blood glucose?  The human body has evolved to be between 70-90 mg/dl.  When your glucose drops below 70 your body will try to adjust your levels, when it goes above 90 it will again try to adjust your levels.  Of course these numbers do not correlate to actual glucose levels, most normal people have glucose in the range of 60-120.  The highest numbers occurring 1 hour after they eat a meal, at 2 hours after a meal a normal person is back to their pre-meal number or under 100 mg/dl.

Do these goals sound achievable; they are, through lifestyle change, diet change, exercise, and medication if necessary.  It should be your goal and we will help you achieve this goal.

We fill in the gaps between doctors visit's.