What to expect from yourself

Expect that you’re going to feel better, have more energy, lose weight, feel younger, decreased stress, and hopefully reduce your medications.  You will have to dedicate yourself to this change, we will help you every step of the way, every day.  

What to expect from T2DCoaching.

We will have you fill out several assessment forms.  We do this to evaluate your perspective on your disease, and your lifestyle habits.  The assessments are broken down into five categories.  Initial, Medical, Physical, Nutritional, Diabetic knowledge, and Daily Check in.

We will be in constant contact with you on a daily basis, multiple times a day if the need arises. We feel in order for you to develop the life habits that will serve you way into the future we need to keep lines of communication open.  We want you to check in with us daily, record your glucose levels with us and ask as many questions as you like and we will answer all of them the same day.  We have developed many recipes that have been tested in our kitchen and will be made available to you as well.  T2Dcoaching will also forward emails to you with valuable information, and suggestions to help you reach your goals.  We want to be involved with your everyday life when it comes to helping you maintain normal blood glucose levels.  T2Dcoaching also has a Blog area in which you can post your concerns or questions.  Normally a person needs about six months to make the lifestyle changes necessary to keep them on track for a life time and we will be there with you every day until you feel like (I GOT THIS). 

Part of the learning process is developing a tool box.  In this tool box you will place the tools that help you manage your glucose levels, exercise, diet, herbals, supplements, etc.  We will help you develop your tool box and the tools needed to maintain your glucose levels effortlessly in the future.  One important tool is exercise and that's why we have on staff a Mastered Degreed Exercise Science professional.  They will be able to instruct you on the proper exercises, proper duration of exercise to achieve the results you are looking for. 

When it’s your time to be on your own we will forward you a graph of your blood glucose values.  This will be proof positive how well you’re doing and provide you motivation to continue with your new lifestyle habits.

Communication tools available

1.       Email, will respond usually within the hour

2.       On line communication form

3.       Face Book,T2Dcoaching support group.  It is a secret and closed group, anything and everything that is posted in this group remains in this group, no one else can see it but other group members.  You will be sent a link once you are signed up with T2Dcoaching.  If you would like we can assign you a new email address using your CPIN@T2DCoaching.com so you can set up a new Face Book account.  This Face Book group will be used for open discussions among members of T2DCoaching only.

4.       T2DCoaching forum can be found here, T2DCOACHING FORUM, you will have to register for this forum.  The forum topics will not be displayed with out a password.  In order to keep our records straight and to protect your anonymity please use your CPIN number assigned to you as your user name. The forum will be used as a one on one coaching platform.  You and the coach will be the only ones who can see whats being posted, no other members will be able to see your posts.  This is a new feature of T2DCoaching.

5.        You can choose how you want to communicate with T2DCoaching.