Resistant Starch (High Maize 260) Preparation

The following is the procedure I used to prepare and consume the RS or high maize 260 resistant starch.  I started out taking 40 grams am/pm for about two months, then decreased the amount to 40 grams a day for another month. I now use it as a food additive and take it occasionally if I feel the need to boost my digestive system.


Here is what 40 grams of RS looks like, this is a serving spoon.

This works best if you use a conical shaped glass, one that is smaller at the bottom than the top, this allows the RS to compact itself at the bottom.  The following pic is the RS mixed in a glass of water.

I then refrigerate this and allow it to settle to the bottom, takes about 4-5 hours to get it settled out enough to easily pour off the top water.  Works best to prepare this the night before and let it sit in the fridge over night.  The reason I did this was to separate the soluble starch from the RS.  The soluble starch, the starch that would cause a rise in glucose will dissolve into solution while the RS will settle out on the bottom.  The next pic represents the settled RS.

Next I gently pour off the water leaving the RS in the glass.

I then fill the glass with water, stir and drink it down.  I suppose you could make something like a smoothy with this at this point.