False Hypos

Just starting out with a new lifestyle and wondering why you are feeling like you are suffering hypos even though your glucose levels are close to a normal range, it is called a false hypo.  The human body resists change and when you change your glucose levels from a very high place to a some what normal level your body will protest this change.  The cautionary part is if you are on insulin or a sulfon drug that directly affects your glucose levels you need to watch for trends rather than a hard fast number.  You take your glucose level and it is, 80, (4.4), if you are on insulin or other meds that directly effect your levels and just now changing your diet you have to retake your levels again in 15-30 minutes to see if you are stable.  If you are still dropping you may need to correct this number when it gets to low.  If you are not on insulin or meds that directly affect your levels and you feel like you are suffering a hypo you need to eat some fats or proteins, avoid carbs as they will only make the transition to normal levels all that much longer.  Cheese, Walnuts, Almonds, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, all are good options. Chips, fruit, bread, crackers, milk, glucose tabs are all bad options.  Think of this as a bridge you must cross to get to normal levels, the faster you cross this bridge the sooner your body will begin to heal.