Diabetic Complications

I see more and more diabetics with moderate to severe complications; I am here to tell you there is a different path to follow.  A particular food item that you liked prior to diagnosis is truly not worth your toes, your eyesight, your heart, not even in moderation.  Learn to give up those things and live a healthy and happy life with a much reduced chance of ever getting complications.  Complications from high blood glucose levels can be greatly reduced if you understand where they are coming from.  If you are a Type 2 diabetic with insulin resistance you are engaged in a two front assault, not only do you have to worry about your glucose levels you also need to worry about your insulin levels.  High insulin in your body causes inflammation which leads to a whole host of other problems.  The only way to reduce this inflammation is to reduce your carbohydrate consumption.  Make your own decisions when it comes to treating your diabetes, after all it is yours to treat, no one else’s.  If you follow the ADA guidelines and most of the old school doctors they will tell you 180 at 2 hours after a meal.  These levels will greatly increase the chance of future complications.  You want to keep your fasting’s under 100 and your peaks all under 140 (7.8).  Your peak glucose will occur for most at 1 hour post meals, at 2 hours post meal you should be back to your premeal number or under 100.  Using these as your goals will help decrease your chances of future complications.  If you are on insulin and you’re a Type 2 with insulin resistance it is not just enough to regulate your glucose levels but you have to minimize the amount of insulin you are using.  Type 2 diabetics go through a phase before their glucose levels go high and cause problems; this phase is a drastic increase in insulin production, way more than a normal non diabetic.  It takes more insulin to do the same work as a non-diabetic.  The increase in insulin is a factor in some complications, that’s why it is important to reduce insulin as much as it is to reduce glucose levels.