There is nothing complicated about a diabetic diet.

All we want as diabetics is to have normal glucose levels, after all that is what is going to save us from future complications.  Eating things in moderation will only lead to frustration and food cravings, your diabetic now and your diet will need to change to succeed. Feet hurt, hands hurt, eyes all blurry, tired all the time, the solution to remedy all of this can be found in your grocery store and not necessarily at the pharmacy.  It is true some of us will always have to take medication to control glucose levels, but the amount and type of medication can be altered by what you are eating.  So if you are hurting, sleeping all the time, moody, in pain try changing your diet, your health is far more important  than a slice of bread or a cookie.

First stop and think about what it is you are eating and then come up with a game plan to eliminate certain foods.  You can do this all at once or you can reduce one item at a time, doesn’t matter, you just have to do it.  The list of foods you need to eliminate:  Potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, wheat products, corn, peas, milk, breads, grains, oatmeal, etc.  To replace the lost calories from the lack of these foods you need to increase natural fats, saturated fats, butter, cheese, red meat, pork, dark meat chicken, this is not a high protein diet so you have to watch your protein consumption.  Right about now you are saying “What the Heck am I going to EAT.”  Your eyes will open in time; there is a whole new world out there full of fabulous foods just waiting for you to try. 

Eat real whole foods, as few foods as you can that do not come with a nutritional label, this means throw away the manmade foods except for dairy products.  There is no reason to eat any obvious carbohydrates; none at all, your body will do fine with the carbs that you will be consuming from low carbohydrate fibrous vegetables.  When going to the grocery store, hit the produce section, buy all the low carb veggies you can.  Move on to the meat department, buy the fattiest cuts of meat you can find.  Finally it’s the dairy department, eggs, full fat cheese, butter, heavy cream.  If you are a snacking type person stop and get some nuts, pork rinds, almonds, walnuts, then go home. 

When eating this way your carbohydrate consumption will be down around 50 grams a day, be sure to reduce your medication accordingly as your insulin demand will drop drastically if you have been eating a higher carb diet before this.  We got lots of recipes in the submitted recipe section if you need some ideas.