Following the ADA Diet

I see a lot of people who are recently diagnosed with diabetes who are following the ADA diet and taking medication to cover the carbohydrates they are eating.  Does this sound logical to you?  ADA tells us to eat 40-45 grams of carbs a meal and 15 grams for a snack, that’s nearly, 170 or more grams of carbs a day.  In order for you to accomplish this here take this pill it will allow you to eat that many carbs.  Now that you have diabetes and can no longer process carbohydrates like a non-diabetic why would you want to eat that many carbs and take pills to force your body to do so.  Lots of people I read about with glucose readings in the 200+ (11) range trying to eat according to their dietician, their nutritionist, their doctor and questioning why their glucose is so high.  Carbohydrates are a nonessential nutrient, in other words if you never eaten another carbohydrate your body would function well without them.  Your body will convert the proteins you eat into glucose if it’s needed.  I am not advocated a zero carb diet just trying to make a point.  All the carbohydrates your body needs can be found in low carbohydrate fibrous vegetables.  The idea is to eat real whole foods, as little foods as you can that come with a nutritional label on them except for dairy products.  I have never seen a nutritional label tagged onto a zucchini or a bunch of broccoli.  Stay away from manmade food, manmade seed oils, your body will love you for it.  If you are eating according to the professionals that are giving you advice and your glucose levels are still beyond the normal levels you got to ask yourself am I going to take more meds, start injecting insulin, or am I going to try and reduce the amount of glucose I am putting in my body, it is all about glucose through put.  Minimize the amount of glucose (carbs) you put in your body will minimize the amount of medication and or insulin.