Learning to Give Up

Diabetic now, not sure what to do, first thing is learn to give up your old lifestyle.  The faster you do this the quicker your body will heal.  Wallowing around in denial, fighting this disease, eating what you want, just because you are mad, frustrated, and angry will only elongate the healing process you got ahead of you.  The physical aspects of this disease are the easy part, eat right, get some exercise, and take your medications if necessary, the mental part is much more complicated.  Your lifestyle choices need to change.  You can lie to yourself, well it is just a slice of bread what can it hurt, that’s the mental game you got to face day in and day out. Your brain will adapt to not wanting that type of foods in the long run given if you are strong enough to put off temptation long enough.  It is a battle especially when friends and relatives get together and food is involved, but you have to stay vigilant in order to succeed.  Your mind will play tricks on you, I can have that, it will not hurt anything, just one bite, and we all have been there in the beginning.  You got to tell yourself I can eat whatever I want but I choose not to eat that particular food item.  This gives you mental strength, empowers you to do the right thing.  Learn to love what you can eat and learn to let go of what you loved to eat. You will get lots of people telling you differently, eat what you want just take your medications you will be alright.  Those that are living that lifestyle that you know, do they look alright, do they look healthy, are they losing weight and ask yourself, do I want to travel down that same road.  I believe one’s motivation to stay compliant is directly proportional to just how sick with complications they were before being diagnosed.  It must be hard for those that have no outwardly signs of ill health yet your doctor just informed you that you have diabetes. I was sick, really sick, being diagnosed was a blessing for me.  Those that are newly diagnosed and feel as if there is nothing wrong with you and you do not take this disease seriously, you will in time, I assure you.