Being Over Weight is a Symptom of Diabetes, not the cause

Being overweight is a symptom of diabetes not the cause of diabetes. More people are overweight, obese, and do not have diabetes than those that are obese with diabetes. 36% of the US population is considered obese, but only a little over 8% of the population has diabetes, numbers just do not support the idea of being overweight cause’s diabetes. 20% of the 8% are thin Type 2’s. Your born with Type 2 diabetes, it has always been there waiting for you to pull the trigger through some environmental stressor.

Insulin resistance is a natural biological process that occurs in the animal kingdom. Its primary function is to gain weight, (fat stores) for future famine, winter, etc. The black bear who hibernates in the winter has no idea winter is coming all he knows is he is hungry. He is hungry because the length of daylight triggered his insulin resistance to increase. All he knows now is find food and eat I'm starving. What is happening in his body is the same thing that is happening in a human that has insulin resistance; your muscles are rejecting the glucose/insulin mix. This rejection of glucose forces your body into making and storing saturated fats. Now the whole time you are eating your brain is still getting signals from your cells, (I'm starving) which makes you seek out more food, store more fat and the cycle continues. The problem of diabetes comes into play when your pancreas (beta mass) can no longer keep up with your insulin demand. This brings on a rise in glucose levels.  When your glucose levels get high enough they will start to kill off your insulin producing cells in your Pancreas, you are now completely diabetic.

The myth that I am trying very hard to dispel is; that being obese, overweight, and sedentary causes diabetes. I don't want anyone in here to feel any guilt that they ate their way to having diabetes. Being overweight is just one symptom in the beginning of having diabetes.   So being a typical Type 2 Diabetic means you have to have a couple of things go wrong and research is finding out they are both genetic.  Your insulin resistance gets activated and will not lower and in some it increases.  Your insulin producing cells stop growing in proportion to your insulin demand.