Dandelion Project/Insulin Resistance

Sounds odd I know, but it is something I have been studying for several years and I will finally get to put it to the test.  Dandelion Greens are among the most nutritionally dense greens you can consume.  Water Cress is similar and I think it can be used in place of the Dandelion Greens if they are not available.  Insulin resistance is a natural mammalian trait.  Problem is with some people it gets turned on and will not turn off; this is the first step to becoming a type 2 diabetic.  I have a theory that high consumption of spring greens like Dandelion greens or Water Cress will lower my insulin resistance.  I am fortunate enough that we are getting two new grocery stores in my area that will supply Dandelion Greens starting this spring and I intend to take advantage of them to see what effects it will have on my body.  Since my glucose levels are in a normal range, glucose will be a poor indicator; I will have to rely on weight loss as an indication of a decrease in insulin resistance.  I would like to hear from others that are having elevated glucose levels and the effect the spring greens are having.

I have built into my website a place for everyone to submit their daily consumption, how they were prepared, effects, glucose level changes, insulin demand changes and a comment area for everyone to see everyone else’s progress.  If you can think of any other information you would like recorded please make the suggestion in the comment area.

Any one that wants to be involved please feel free to participate.  Check out your local grocery stores, your back yards for Dandelion greens this spring.  I am going to try to consume as much as I can every day until my supply runs out.  Would like some suggestions as to how to prepare these greens I have never eaten them in the past.

If you are interested in participating with me and others please enter a nick name and check yes before we begin, it will help me to prepare the spread sheet that I will forward to everyone at the termination of the project.