Supplements Neuropathy

Lots of people asking, what can I take for my neuropathy?  The first goal to getting your pain under control is getting your glucose levels below 120 (6.7) at all times.  High glucose levels will not allow your nerves to heal which will result in more pain and numbness requiring more and more prescription medication.

What I did for my neuropathy, I had it in both my hands and feet, to the point I could barely drive a car.

L-Arginine, 10 grams a day after lunch.  If taken before lunch it may cause an unwanted rise in your glucose levels.  Arginine increases circulation, you need to be able to get fresh blood to the affected nerves. 

L-Glutamine,  5-10 grams before bed.  Your body will use Glutamine to repair tissue, and make GABA.

Methyl B-12, 1 mg a day.  Methyl B-12 is needed for nerve conductance.  It is important to use the methyl version of B-12 as the Cyano form requires the intrinsic factor to be utilized by your body.

ALA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, 7mg per pound of body weight.  ALA will heal the nerves.

For immediate relief:

GABA, GABA will relax your nerves and reduce your pain levels, especially right before bedtime.

L-Glycine, Glycine is very calming on the nervous system and can also be taken before bed.

If you are suffering from RLS, restless leg syndrome you can increase Folic Acid

Once you begin this your pain level may increase as did mine.  It soon subsided and within a few weeks was almost gone entirely.  After a month I discontinued the ALA, Methyl B-12.  I still take Arginine and Glutamine when needed.