How I Broke a Weight Loss Stall While in Ketosis

So you have been losing weight steadily now for months and you are really happy with your results then suddenly you stop losing weight.  You go back and look at what you are eating and just can’t figure it out, why am I not losing weight.  First thing to look at is Omnivores, we are Omnivores, eat fruit, nuts, seeds and proteins in the fall to gain weight for the winter.  If any of those ring a bell it may be your problem.  Nuts have a way of piling on the weight and I am not sure why that is, most likely the combination of fats/protein/carbs in a dense delicious little snack morsel.

The next thing you can try and this is what worked for me, keep in mind I was and still am in ketosis, which means I eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, most days much lower than that.  When in ketosis you are now burning fats (lipids) for energy, but what would happen if you with hold those fats just a couple of days a week?  Your body turns inward for energy needs; it starts to utilize your stored reserves of fat.  Two nonconsecutive days a week is not long enough for your body to adapt to a different metabolism.  I did this on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  I changed my diet on those days to an ultralow fat diet.  If you do this for three or four days in a row you risk altering your metabolism and that’s not worth it in my mind.  I check for ketones two to three times a day most days just to follow how I am doing and to keep a mental log of when I start wasting excess ketones.  By midafternoon on the first day of this experiment I was wasting lots of ketones.  This was a god sign that my body was indeed turning inward for its energy needs.  On Wednesday I resumed my normal high fat diet and still remained in ketosis throughout.  Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday, same thing happened, high ketones and weight loss started to occur again.

This is not an easy thing to do once your body has become accustomed to burning fat for energy.  Fat cravings are extremely intense; you will be hungrier than you have been in a long time when you first attempt this.  Keep strong it is only one day.

A typical low fat/low carb day for me would be:

Breakfast: 5 eggs microwaved with as little fats as possible, no cheese, no butter, no oils

Lunch: Lean cold cuts, chicken or turkey along with as many raw veggies as I could stomach dipped in mustard.

Dinner: Baked chicken breast and steamed veggies, no cheese or fats of any sort.

Give it a try, not sure how effective this would be for those not in ketosis.  I know it works for those that are in ketosis. I have coached a few people that have tried this that were thrilled with their results.