Question and answers………..01/03/2014

Lots of new Diabetics here recently so I thought I would help steer you in the right direction with a bit of questions and answers:

Do I need a glucose meter to control my diabetes:  Absolutely, trying to control your glucose without a meter is like driving at night with no head lights.

How many carbohydrates do I need to eat:  The actual answer to this is zero, carbohydrates are a non-essential nutrient.  In other words your body would make glucose from the proteins you ate for its daily needs for glucose.  I am not advocating zero carb diets, just trying to make a point.  Everyone’s ability to consume carbohydrates will vary depending on the amount of insulin you have available.  Use your meter, it will tell you all of the answers you are asking.  If you decide to eat a serving of oatmeal and you then check your glucose at one hour and it is above 140 or 7.8 you need to rethink your meal plan.

What medications should I take:  Work on diet first?  See if you can reduce your medications through diet alone.  Trying to maintain a diet that requires medication just doesn’t make sense.  Give up your battle to eat your favorite foods your body will love you for it.  Learn to love what you can eat and let go of what you loved to eat.  It is that simple.  The longer you wage the war between trying to maintain your old lifestyle habits and learning new lifestyle habits will only elongate the healing process.

Do I need insulin:  If after you have adjusted your diet to a point where you feel there is no further adjusting can be made and your glucose levels are still above normal insulin maybe necessary.  Do not fear insulin, it can be a very useful tool to control your glucose levels. 

Do I need to take a statin for my cholesterol:  Most T2 diabetics have high cholesterol because they have had high glucose / insulin circulating around their body causing inflammation.  The cholesterol is there to repair this inflammation.  If you reduce the inflammation by reducing your insulin and glucose your cholesterol will naturally go down.

If you have specific questions please visit our website I would be more than happy to assist you.