Taking Control

Taking Control………………………….01/03/14

What does it mean to take control of your life, health, physical well-being? When first diagnosed with diabetes it is of utmost importance to learn everything you can about your disease, read, think, read some more.  Put into practice what you have read.  Use your meter as often as you feel necessary, more importantly than just taking your glucose levels is using the information to better control yourself.  Doesn’t matter who you see for your diabetes, the doctor, the nutritionist, diabetic educator, the Endocrinologist, it is your diabetes not theirs.  You need to educate yourself to the point where you can make informed decisive decisions about how you are going to treat your diabetes.  Listen to the professionals but question everything they say, and then make a decision.  Do not let them decide for you what you are going to take to treat your diabetes.  You have to own this disease, control it to the best of your ability.  If you’re taking medication and your glucose levels are still out of control, change your diet first not your medication.  Diet and exercise is the true key to controlling this disease. All Carbohydrates will have an impact on your blood glucose levels, some faster than others but all will have an impact.  If that impact drives your glucose levels beyond your set goal you need to rethink what you are eating. If at some point you can no longer refine your diet in your quest to achieve normal glucose levels than adding more medication makes sense but you have to decide what medication you want to take.  Taking the latest and greatest medication is not always the best route to take.   Do you have a goal in mind or are you going by what your doctor told you are acceptable levels.  What are acceptable levels by most organizations and what will help eliminate future complications are usually two different goals entirely.  Learn what normal glucose levels are; decide what you want your goals to be, then strive to obtain those goals. 

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