Diabetes is not Progressive


You will hear both sides of this argument along your journey with diabetes, that diabetes is a progressive disease.  You first have to determine what it is your talking about that is progressing. 

Diabetes is a term, a word to describe a condition; high blood glucose causes the damage not diabetes.  Diabetes is not responsible for loss of limbs; loss of eye sight, neuropathy, high blood glucose is the reason. 

Having diabetes is not the reason for progression into complications, having uncontrolled blood glucose levels is progressive.  Maintaining glucose levels above 140 (7.8) for extended periods of time will progress to further complications.

If you have an autoimmune disease like that found in Type 1’s and LADA’s, that is progressive in the fact that your insulin producing cells are being destroyed.  This doesn’t mean that all of the complications that come with having high glucose levels need also to be progressive. 

Diabetics can live a normal, long and healthy life if they learn to control their individual disease.  This doesn’t necessarily mean to just keep adding more and more medication and or insulin in an attempt to gain control of your glucose levels.  Doing this is like trying to stop a car with the gas pedal on the floor while applying the brakes, much easier to let up on the gas before applying he brakes.