Resistant Starch……………………12/30/13


There seems to be a Lot of interest out there for resistant starch (RS). 

Resistant starch is exactly what the name implies resistant to digestion.  It is in the fiber category but is not a true fiber as your body can ferment the substance in your large intestine.  RS will not digest in your stomach or small intestine but travels on to your large intestine where bacteria ferment it into useful by products, mainly short chain fatty acids (SFA’s).  Your body can use these SFA’s as a fuel source so in theory it becomes less interested in maintaining a glucose supply.  RS if ingested properly should not raise your glucose or your insulin levels.  The old saying you are what you eat applies to what bacteria you have growing in your large intestine.  A high carb standard American diet (SAD) will lend itself to harboring a certain type of bacterial flora one that is predisposed to acquiring as much glucose from the food you eat as it can.  The bacteria associated with RS are bacteria that only want to ferment the RS into SFA’s and other useful by products your body can use. You can change the bacterial flora in your gut by ingesting RS daily.  I used the high maize 260 or corn starch.  I choose this RS because it was easily separated from the starch that would raise my glucose levels, (soluble starch). I placed 40 grams of the RS in a glass of water, stirred, then refrigerated until the RS sunk to the bottom. What was left on the bottom was pure RS and what was dissolved in solution was the soluble starch.  I would then slowly and gently pour off the water then add additional water and drink it down.  I did this twice a day for a month.  Now I will tell you this didn’t come without side effects.  I took these side effects as a positive note that I didn’t have the proper bacteria to handle this new food source.  I had to map out where I was going and identify all of the available rest rooms; I knew I would be visiting them soon.  After the first couple weeks the side effects wore off dramatically, by the beginning of the second month I had no side effects at all.  The lack of side effects indicated to me that I was developing the proper bacteria and could reduce my intake to 40 grams a day, down from the 80 grams I was ingesting.  RS has no effect on your body; it is the bacteria that develop from the RS that provides all of the benefits.  RS will improve most digestive issues in most people.  My overall blood glucose average went down significantly as did my morning fasting glucose levels.  I was diagnosed with an A1C in the teens and a fasting glucose in the upper 300’s.  I started the RS about a month after being diagnosed, my 3 month A1C was 5.6, then a couple of months later I was down to 4.8.  The RS was one of the supplements that had a large impact on regaining my health.  One other benefit is the reduction in abdominal fat; I swear I could see my stomach shrink on a daily basis.  I went from a waist size of nearly 42 to a 36 inch waist now and I weigh 225 pounds.

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