Holidays and keeping Blood Glucose under Control

Holidays are especially difficult if you are newly diagnosed. What should I eat, what can I eat, how much should I eat of this or that, all questions you will ask yourself before you go to that party or have friends and relatives over for dinner. My strategy for going to a party where I know nothing of what is being served is to eat something at home right before I leave. It is a lot easier to turn down tempting food when you are not hungry and makes it easier to be highly selective when dinner is served. Stick to your plan, meat and vegetables. Watch out for hidden carbohydrates in gravies and sauces.

Something else you can do and another topic I will cover in future post is carb budget. How many carbohydrates can you eat in a 24 hour period and still remain with normal blood glucose levels. Every diabetic has a carb budget. You have to determine what your carb budget is by testing and trying out new foods, it takes time and effort and your body will love you for it, especially your pancreas. There are two forms of the same insulin with your body, phase I, and phase II insulin. Most type 2 diabetics lack a phase I insulin. Phase I insulin is stored insulin released immediately upon eating, phase II insulin is newly manufactured insulin and takes over if your phase I insulin is insufficient to normalize your blood glucose level. So if you eat below your carb budget for several days your body will once again start to store phase I insulin. This insulin will provide you with extended coverage of an upcoming meal you are planning. Come visit us, feel free to ask a question.