First thing most doctors want to do when your diagnosed with diabetes is to put you on a cholesterol drug (statin) and an ACE inhibitor (blood pressure) as a precaution to protect your kidneys.  The ACE inhibitor is really not a bad idea in my mind if you can tolerate the side effects; I take a small dose of Lisinopril daily by choice.

Statins on the other hand do more harm than good.  Reducing your Cholesterol through chemical alteration rather than changing the root cause for your cholesterol leads to a false sense of security about what foods you can consume.  Why is cholesterol there, what is its purpose.  Cholesterol is there to protect the lining of your arteries from inflammation caused by high insulin and high glucose values.  If you reduce the inflammation you reduce your body’s need for cholesterol.  You reduce the inflammation by keeping your circulating insulin as low as possible through eating a low carb diet.  You can’t blame cholesterol for doing its job; it would be like blaming the firefighters for the fire.  When you reduce your insulin usage you will reduce your inflammation and along with that will come weight loss.  Your body will now start to mobilize fats stores this will be evident if you get a cholesterol test while your body is in weight loss mode.  Once you reach your goal weight your cholesterol will drop into a normal range.  My total cholesterol is now in the 150’s and my triglycerides are in the 30’s.  This is all due to reducing my carbohydrate intake and exercise. 

It is far more important to test for particle size than testing for total cholesterol.  Particle size can be done with a VAP test or a NMR LipoProtein test.  Either will yield more information than a total cholesterol test will.

Here is but one article about what is the true cause of heart disease.

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