High Glucose/High Insulin....11/12/2013

What does it mean to be a typical Type 2 diabetic with insulin resistance? It takes several factors to become a T2 diabetic, the first is insulin resistance.  This usually occurs years in advance of someone being diagnosed with diabetes.  The second part of the equation is when your pancreas reaches a point that it can no longer produce enough insulin to overcome your demand for insulin you become a diabetic.  If diagnosed early enough most will have high circulating insulin and high levels of glucose as compared to a normal person.  The insulin is no longer allowing the glucose into the muscles to be used as energy so your body makes and stores the Insulin/Glucose mix as fat.  That's why it is so easy for a person with insulin resistance to gain weight rapidly.

Having high insulin and high glucose levels means your body is also suffering from lots of inflammation.  This inflammation is causing your body to produce more and more Cholesterol to try and repair the vascular damage that's occurring.  The Cholesterol is not the enemy, the inflammation is the enemy.

How do you reduce the inflammation?  You reduce the inflammation by eating foods that do not require large amounts of insulin to process the food into energy.  Mostly fats, proteins and low carbohydrate vegetables.  By eating low carbohydrate foods, increased natural fats and moderate proteins you reduce the inflammation.  It is important to note that natural fats are essential to overall health.  You cannot sustain a diet of low carbs, low fat, high protein; it will lead to problems later on in life.  All excess protein is converted into glucose by the liver and then stored as glycogen then fat.  The reduction in inflammation will result in reduction in your glucose levels, your body weight, cholesterol levels and some even find a reduction in their blood pressure levels.  The reduction in glucose levels will be the first thing that is noticeable.  All carbohydrates affect your blood glucose levels, some faster than others but all have an effect. Lowering your insulin levels is as important as lowering your glucose levels and the only way to do that is to reduce your intake of carbohydrates.