Building Confidence.....10/29/13

As a diabetic a big fear always comes to mind, can I go hypoglycemic?  If you are on certain medications that directly impact your glucose levels there is always a possibility you can have a hypoglycemic event. Medications that fall into this group would be ones that urge your beta mass found in your pancreas to secrete insulin even when it is not desired. Injecting insulin always comes with the potential of a hypoglycemic event. Your liver is there to protect you from these events.  How do I know if my liver is working?  You can test your liver's capabilities of bringing up a low blood glucose number under a controlled situation.  This will build confidence within yourself and reduce the anxiety of thinking you will have a hypoglycemic episode.

This exercise is mainly for those just on Metformin or those that are not on any medication but still have a fear of going hypoglycemic. 

Everyone has a typical blood glucose curve for themselves.  Generally your glucose will be at its highest in the morning and gradually fall during the day except for post meal times.  I am at my lowest right before I eat dinner.  What I have done is check my blood glucose levels right before dinner.  I then restricted myself from eating anything, I wanted to see how low I would go before my liver decided to bring my blood glucose levels back up and also how high would I go afterwards.  I had food there waiting for me so I could have stopped and eat at any time.  What I found was my cut off mark was the low 60's, once I hit the low 60's my liver would bring me back up to the mid 80's.  This exercise will not only build confidence but it will also give you another marker on how well your body is healing.  We can help you understand these numbers on our website.