Eat to Your Meter

If you're newly diagnosed and do not have blood glucose meter it is highly advisable to get one.  Having Diabetes without a meter is like driving at night with no head lights.  Having Diabetes is a proactive disease, the less reactive you are the better off you will be.  Non Diabetic individuals will have their blood glucose levels peak between 45 minutes to approximately 90 minutes depending on the meal and the amount of fat consumed.  Fat reduces the rate of digestion, something to keep in mind; it will come in handy in the future.  Your meter is like the older 8 ball toy you had when you were a kid, ask it a question and it would tell you an answer, (showing my age here).  Your meter has the answer to what foods you should eat, reduce, or remove from your diet altogether.  After you eat a meal your blood glucose begins to rise and peaks in approximately one hour, it's up to you to find when your body peaks.  This takes time and multiple testing of your glucose levels after you eat to determine your peak time.  Once you got this information your now on your way to discovering what foods do what to your body.  The two hour reading will tell you how well your body is recovering from the meal you just ate.  This reading should be back to your premeal number or under 100mg/dl.  This way of managing your diabetes is in conjunction with having a set goal.  What do I want my glucose to be before I eat, one and two hours after I eat?  You have to have a goal for this management style to work properly.  Now that you have your goals and a plan you can test different foods and observe their effect on your blood glucose. Test your glucose levels before you eat, then at your own peak time after you eat, then again at the two hour mark.  If any of the numbers recorded are outside of your goals you will have to either reduce the amount of carbohydrates you ate, or eliminate that food altogether.  It takes time to build a working food list, (safe foods), foods that will not raise your glucose levels beyond your goals.  It is well worth the effort and your body will love you for it.