Continuing with the theme of strategies..10/22/2013

If you're newly diagnosed, you have to ask yourself,  what are my goals going to be?   You have to have a goal in mind; you need a stepping stone to determine your progress.  

For example if I was diagnosed with fasting blood glucose in the 400's, what can I expect a month from now, 2 months from now, etc.  No one has the answers to those questions but it helps if you make a mental picture of where you want to be in 2, 3, 4 months down the road.  This will help you form a game plan.  Ask yourself how you are going to achieve your goals and what are you willing to do to achieve them?  First, you need to find out what actually can be done to reach your goals.  This requires some research on your part.  I can guide you to the information but it is up to you to evaluate this information and decide how it may pertain to your particular circumstances.  I am here to help make sense of the information and you can use me as a sounding board for your questions that you will inevitably have.