My name is Martin Shannon.  Here is the reason I'm here to help you.

Let me begin by saying I was a healthy child, healthy adult. I may have been to the doctor's office five times in 30 years, until I turned 50 yrs old. I was 6'1" 250 lbs. most of my life since 10th grade in high school and strong as an Ox, slightly overweight and ate everything and anything that was in front of me.

My wife and I walked 30-35 miles a week for years. She then had medical problems of her own and the walking subsided. It was during this time my Blood Glucose started to climb.  The doctor I saw said I probably had Diabetes Type 2 for approximately 3-5 years without being diagnosed. All the rest happened in a short 18 months of my life, as I look back I still can't believe this all took place. 

It all started with a MRSA infection on my leg. I went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis twice, the Doctor's at the medical center took my blood and said it was 250 mg/dl, this was after losing fluids for 48 straight hours, before I could get to the medical center. Of course denial is a powerful enemy and I brushed it off. I went through 3 different antibiotics for a month. The yeast infection was some kind of fun; I had it in my ears, throat and mouth.

I finally went to the doctor after eating nothing but eggs and slim Jims for a week and my Blood Glucose was 350, and my BP was 220/110.  He put me on some Diabetic and blood pressure medications.  After this is when all of the fun began.

We have a very small manufacturing process that requires lots of hand work. Needless to say I had Neuropathy so bad in my hands I had to tape Popsicle sticks to my fingers and wear a wrist brace on both hands, couldn't move them without some really outrageous pain. I was a sight to see, Edward Scissors Hands comes to mind.

Two ear aches followed, one in my left ear, so severe I lost partial hearing. Weeks later in my right ear, (inner ear) this one gave me vertigo so bad I laid on the floor for hours just dry heaving after I lost everything in my stomach. Not long after that my back was tightening up, so I had my wife walk on my back as she had done for years. Got a broken rib out of the deal. Next was the chest pain I was having when we did try to walk. I endured the chest pain for 9 months or so. Again, denial is a powerful enemy. Wife convinced me to see a Cardiologist, and within 5 days I had a quadruple by-pass heart surgery.  All this because I ignored the early warning signs of Diabetes.  I am an owner of a testing laboratory.  I decided to take my skills of research and use them to my benefit.  I tackled every one of my problems one at a time.  Changed my diet, took the right supplements, I am now currently on no diabetes medications.  The only prescription I take is a small dose of blood pressure medication for precautionary reasons.  My passion has turned from running this laboratory to helping others just like you.  I spend countless hours on diabetes forums, Facebook, and other social media sites coaching others and informing them of the decisions they do have to make to live a full life.  I helped one person in particular who was diagnosed 15 years ago with type 2 diabetes.  She was on 2 different medications and two different Insulin, basal and meal time insulin.  She is no longer on any medications other than blood pressure medication.  She no longer needs or uses insulin, statins, Metformin, etc..  What we try to do here is educate our clients so they can make informed decisions about their own health.  It feels really good when you can determine for yourself what path you want to take and not the paths others are trying to lead you down.